Thank you for your interest in the Oregon Living Building Initiative (OLBI) and the Oregon Sustainability Center (OSC). In the interest of sharing information more efficiently, we are consolidating the Oregon Living Building Initiative website with the Oregon Sustainability Center website. Please visit http://oregonsustainabilitycenter.org/ for the latest project news.

This website will no longer be updated.

Imagine a building that is designed and constructed to function as elegantly and as efficiently as a flower.


The Oregon Living Building Initiative

The Oregon Living Building Initiative is co-chaired by the Oregon Environmental Council and Earth Advantage Institute and includes organizations committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability, energy efficiency, land use protection as well as public engagement and protection of public health.

The organizations include: Community Health Partnership, Conservation Services Group, Earth Advantage Institute, Energy Trust of Oregon,  Green Building Services, Oregon Environmental Council, and Technical Assistance Community Services (TACS).

This project–Oregon Center for Sustainability–reflects what is unique about Oregon: its collaborative nature. The building will establish a center for sustainability, allowing different sectors to work together on sustainability issues in Oregon. It will be the first center in the nation that involves representatives from the nonprofit, business, academic, and public sectors.

The building will house representatives from each of these sectors as they work together on sustainability issues nationally and internationally.  Through this co-location and intentional programming design, this building will foster more collaboration, partnership, and greater achievements in the sustainability sector in Oregon.

Another goal of the initiative is to create a living laboratory, a high performance building that can serve as a model for design while adapting and evolving with new technologies. This laboratory will connect research with day-to-day practices, stay up to date with green practices, and influence the future direction of the building sector.  The Oregon living building will house a green incubator to spawn new clean tech solutions, technologies, and eco-practices that can be adopted nationally and globally.

Finally, through a partnership with the university system, the Oregon living building will create a center of learning and exchange for sharing knowledge in Oregon’s sustainability community.

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